CBR+PNK: Augmented

Created by Ray Chou

A tabletop RPG for one-shot cyberpunk action using streamlined Forged in the Dark rules. Please note, due to fluctuating global shipping rates, we will be charging shipping fees at a later date. We will keep you updated through Updates for when shipping fees will be applied to your pre-order. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Physical Proof Walkthrough
27 days ago – Thu, Mar 02, 2023 at 01:09:53 PM

Hey Everyone,

As promised, check out this walkthrough of our Tooling Sample:

Overall, we're pretty happy with the results! We had two notes for the printer regarding the UV spot and flood on the Hunters and PRDTR brochure, but we've already communicated with them and are awaiting a second sample to see if the issues have been addressed.

This week and next working on finalizing our logistics plan for shipping. Stay tuned for more info soon! 

- Ray 

Physical Proof - Soon!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Feb 24, 2023 at 10:43:42 AM

Hey Everyone,

I was hoping to update today with a video of the physical tooling proof, but unfortunately it looks like that's going to arrive next week rather than today. Essentially, we're very close to manufacturing the majority of the books - once we get that proof, we just need to OK and then the factory begins churning them out! 

If there's no pushback on our end from that proof, they expect to complete manufacturing by the end of March, and then we go into fulfillment. We're exploring options for that, and one thing that is particularly intriguing is because of the size of this game (small), we might ship and fulfill directly from Hong Kong rather than freight to warehouses in various locations. 

Anyway, hopefully I'll have a video up next week showing off the final game. 

Glow: #1-6: A Post-Apocalyptic Techno-Fantasy Odyssey

Also, we have another campaign up for our comic series, Glow. This one is for the next two issues, #5-6, although there are tiers to catch up on the series as well. This one has more of a coming of age, odyssey vibe, so if that's up your alley check it out!


See you next week! 

- Ray 

January Update
3 months ago – Wed, Jan 11, 2023 at 12:35:18 PM

Hey Everyone! 

Here's an update for January:


Since December, a couple more back and forths with the printer on the white prototype and artwork. Everything has been approved now and we're now awaiting one final physical prototype before manufacturing. 

The estimated arrival for the "tooling samples" is 02/10 due to the Lunar New Year, which lands on January 22nd this year. Chinese factories will be closed from 01/12/23 through 01/31. 

Here's an updated timeline: 

  • Receive Final Proof - 02/10/23
  • Printing & Packaging - February  to March 2023
  • Ocean Freight - March to April 2023
  • Fulfillment - April to May 2023

Apologies in advance for the delay. The winter always has the dual holiday crush of Christmas and Lunar New Year for manufacturing. We tried our best to get things approved and on the way before then, but the iterations meant that we couldn't.  That said, we'll probably charge for preorders and shipping around March, once we have confirmation of the games on a boat. 


That's it for now.  Let us know your thoughts below or at:



December 1st Update
4 months ago – Fri, Dec 02, 2022 at 03:02:19 PM

Hey Everyone! 

Here's our latest update in video form:

TL;DW - 

We've been working with the printer on locking specifications on the finalized product. They sent us a white cardboard prototype today to check dimensions, card stocks, etc. After going over it with Emanoel, we are leaning heavily towards not including the dry erase marker for the following reasons:

  • Need multiple dry erase markers anyway as the base game includes 5 player pamphlets.
  • We don't have a way to make the marker hold in place when the box is open, so it tends to fall out.
  • The way the Dry Erase is designed to fit in creates a gaping hole in the spine which makes the overall book less aesthetic. Would look very strange if you ever lost the marker.
  • The side envelopes of the brochure box are different sizes as a result of including the marker.
  • The flaps inside to hold the marker in place seem like they would be damaged over time.

Other than that, we are close to going to print. Our printers are out at PAX Unplugged but early next week we'll be relaying these thoughts to them and hopefully proofing another version of the box. From there, it's print and lock. 


That's it for now.  Let us know your thoughts below! 


BackerKit Surveys
5 months ago – Tue, Oct 18, 2022 at 08:43:19 PM

Hey Everyone,

As you may know, we sent out BackerKit Surveys last week in order to  get estimates on the unit quantities we need to manufacture. As a side  effect of this, BackerKit has asked for payment information even though  we are going to be charging for shipping at a later time. There's been  some confusion and some of you have rightfully expressed your  frustration as to why you are being asked for additional credit card  information without an attached shipping fee.

Mea culpa - this is our fault, and not something we thought would  happen with the BackerKit backend, We thought that using their 'ship at a  later time' feature would result in the platform not collecting that  information at this time, but that isn't the case. We've since talked to  BackerKit and asked if there could be some exception on their end, but  it's not something they're able to do as the flow of answering survey  questions to collecting payment information is embedded deeply into  their platform. We're sorry - this is something we should have known,  reviewed, and communicated before launching these surveys.

That being said -

You do not have to enter your payment information in BackerKit at this time. Even  though this will result in BackerKit saying that the survey is  incomplete, we will still be able to tally your results for the purposes  of manufacturing and coordinating freight shipping. You can simply fill  out the rest of your survey information while not putting down a credit  card at this time.

You will have to eventually enter and pay for shipping when we are about to fulfill the campaign. Like we previously mentioned, we are charging shipping at a later time  in order to reflect live rates. We don't anticipate rates to increase  dramatically from now and January (when we're estimated to fulfill);  however, we're doing under an abundance of caution after the tumultuous  last few years of shipping.  We will make a full announcement of  shipping rates once we're ready and able to, and I promise it will not  be an egregious charge. We spent much of the last year building out  strong partnerships with our warehousing partners, and are confident  that we'll be able to offer reasonable rates across all territories.

If you purchased just the digital version, you do not have to fill out your survey at all. The reason why we sent BackerKit  Surveys to our digital backers was because many digital backers had asked for the surveys to be sent so that they could upgrade their order. That said, the  surveys for digital backers is merely a courtesy for those backers who  wish to browse the BackerKit as a preorder store.


Again, our apologies for any confusion and annoyance this may have  caused. Please let us know if you any comments, questions, or concerns  in the thread below.

- Ray