CBR+PNK: Augmented

Created by Ray Chou

A tabletop RPG for one-shot cyberpunk action using streamlined Forged in the Dark rules.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Digital Keys
5 days ago – Tue, Sep 20, 2022 at 07:26:02 PM

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August Update
about 1 month ago – Tue, Aug 23, 2022 at 07:34:41 AM

Emaonel, the mad man, has done it.   

CBR+PNK: Augmented has gone gold!

The exterior of the box.
The yellow sleeve that wraps around the box.
The Player Pamphlet, 4 of which will be included inside the boxed set.
The GM Pamphlet, with the majority of the rules.
Framework - the GM Advice + Score Generation Pamphlet.
The Cyberpunk Hunters Pamphlet with additional rules for adding antagonist NPCs.
Mona Rise, a complete megacity setting for CBR+PNK.
PRDTR. So you can get to the chopper!
Mind the Gap, a ready to play Score for CBR+PNK.

The mad man did it. And he printed samples to prove it! 

Honestly, in all my years doing creative work I have to say that Emanoel's talent is as incredible I've ever seen. He combines so many different sensibilities and a technical expertise and precision that is absolutely phenomenally un-freaking-deniable. 

I mean look at this stuff. Incredible, incredible work. 


We'd also like to announce a new member of the crew today! 

Erick Sofge has been helping behind the scenes to edit some of the clarity of rules on the pamphlets. He's done a really amazing job, so we've decided to give him an official line credit in the game. Thanks Erick! 


That said, we're close to print! 

We'll soon release the digital files and we're gathering quotes from various printers. We were hoping to use the same printer as we did for The Wildsea, but alas some events  have led us to believe that it's best if we look for new print partners for the long term. The timetable for locking a printer is the month of September, with a targeted print start date of October 1st. 

The great news is the physical specs of CBR+PNK and Emanoel's attention to detail make it very easy to visualize for potential partners. We're trying to add some bells and whistles to the final product including that lamination to make them reusable. 

Once that's locked, we'll send CBR+PNK right onto print.

Unfortunately, that puts us right in the crosshairs for the holiday season rush, which is a nightmare logistically. That said, from past experience expect fulfillment to rollover to Q1 of 2023. Between the surge shipping rates from the holidays, the ocean freight that needs to occur between now and then,  and just the general congestion that time period entails, we think it's the most realistic timetable for getting the physical products out. 

For reference, we went gold with The Wildsea in February and received the first advanced copies in the middle of July. Which is one of the major reasons why we decided to switch printers... 

The good news is that we're much better prepared now to streamline the process from production to fulfillment. It's not exciting news, but it is good news! 


Also, in the good news department, we think we figured out shipping! Or, at least, have locked in a way to sell goods there at decent costs. 

Basically this involved getting various warehouses on board, navigating the complex EU and UK tax systems, rethinking our global supply chain, automating our fulfillment, and paying for all of the above. 

This is all real inside baseball stuff, but it's been a majority of my professional life for most of the year so I am a bit keen to celebrate this newfound infrastructure.

What that also means, dear backers, is hopefully we have found a way to offer cheap and seamless shipping to you with VAT baked into the various regions.  That has been the goal and we think we have it figured out... hopefully.

We're testing right now with the fulfillment of The Wildsea. We were able to reduce rates extensively and think we'll be able to lower it yet again in future campaigns based off of what we've learned and implemented (and will continue to implement) over the last year. 

Considering the discussion that we were having on this campaign about EU VAT, I'm chalking this one up as a huge win. 


Over the last few months I've printed The Wildsea: RPG,  launched The Skies of Fire: Collected Edition,  went to San Diego Comic-Con, then unto Gen Con for the very first time.  It has been like this all year but hopefully it's going to wind down a bit into the Fall with our major milestones out of the way. 

Mythopoeia @ Gen Con 2022.

I'm going to take a much needed vacation next week and going off the grid for a little bit.  But after I come back, I want to run a lot more games in the Mythopoeia Discord, so more of you have a chance to play CBR+PNK before receiving your editions. I'm especially excited to test out PRDTR and Mind the Gap, so fingers crossed for more games / playtests in September! 


Up next for us is preparing the Digital Files! Heads up - sometime in the next few weeks you'll be receiving a survey from us asking whether or not you'd like your files digitally delivered through DriveThruRPG or 

We will let you know when those go out in a separate update, but head's up for now! 


Alright folks, that's it for this month! Next update we'll release the digital files, and a more in depth look into the printing process. 

Questions, comments, concerns? You can reach us at this Kickstarter or through email: 

See you next time! 


July Update - Mind the Gap, GM Pamphlet, +WEIRD
3 months ago – Sat, Jul 09, 2022 at 12:02:04 PM

Hey Everyone! 

Big update today! Here we go...

Overall Progress 

Click through for the Notion link!

Here's our overall update. This past month Emanoel managed to complete the layout for MIND THE GAP, revised the layouts for the GM Pamphlet, wrote the 1st draft for FRAMEWORK, and we received the first pass of layouts for +WEIRD.  A lot of progress! 

We think overall we have about a month more of production before we can go gold with the project.


Mind the Gap is the self-contained scenario module included with the game and we're happy to report that it's now complete!

Click through to access the Mind the Gap PDF!

I'm a huge fan of the design work Emanoel put into this piece. In particular, the use of the train routes like you would see on a subway map as an accent that cuts through both the title and is used as a Reality Check Tracker (the red line) is just chef's kiss.

Warning: Spoilers if you are planning to be a Runner in the Score!

Download Mind the Gap here.


In addition to completing Mind the Gap, Emanoel has also banged out another iteration of the GM Pamphlet: 

Click through to download the preview pamphlet.

As you can see, the new pamphlet includes the updated cover artwork by Luis Melo as well as some clarifications in language and rules. 

The backside.

Download the GM Pamphlet preview here. 

Out of curiosity, of you 2,000 or so backers, how many of you is this either

 A.) Your first Forged in the Dark game? 

B.) Your first RPG ever? 

I ask because there seems to be a real excitement around CBR+PNK, but as someone who is very much steeped in the type of game system CBR+PNK embodies, I'm not exactly objective when it comes to reading the text and interpreting the rules, so I'm curious as to how they read to people who are less familiar with the game and systems. 

We'd love to hear your feedback on the readability of the text thus far, especially if you are a newcomer to these type of games or RPGs as a whole! 


Last month we brought on board Raul Rinaldi to work on the layouts for +WEIRD. We received a very strong first draft, and it's looking mighty fine! 

There are a couple of changes we'd like to make before giving this the full green light, however, which is why it's still notated as in the LAYOUT phase in the Notion tracking document. That said, we anticipate finishing up the revisions in the weeks ahead and be done with the pamphlet by the end of the month. 

Here's an excerpt from the backside where you can read all about the various type of METAHUMANS to give your runners a bit more of a shadowy feel if you get my drift ;

I'm really digging the color scheme for this pamphlet. Even though we're only showing the pink sides, about half of the panels are a beautiful white that contrasts so nicely with the pink+blue used throughout. It's quite beautiful and not a palette I see too often. Great work, Raul! 


The only major piece of drafting (writing) that remains is for the PRDTR panel. I've told Emanoel that this is pretty ironic considering how strong of an initial idea he had for PRDTR - one of those that seemed fully formed right from the start - and how it was the first piece we received artwork for from Luis Melo. If you'll recall, this is what the cover for that looks like: 

Emanoel's been working on the design of the APX:

Designed by the APX Corporation, the Hunter is a Super-Soldier experiment gone wrong.

Looking pretty rad! I'm excited to see what those boxes end up being, mechanically. Super stoked to run this one :D 

GEN CON 2022 

Mythopoeia will be at Gen Con 2022 from August 4th - 7th at Entrepreneurship Alley! 

CBR+PNK won't be quite ready for exhibition yet, but we will have The Wildsea, which Emanoel contributed the design of the Firefly Folio for:

The design of the Firefly Folio by Emanoel.
The Firefly Folio is the wraparound book cover that also serves as a GM Screen for The Wildsea.

We'll be in Entrepreneurship Alley Booth 2329. 

Come say hello if you're attending! 

Skies of Fire: Collected Edition 

We're also launching our next campaign soon for Skies of Fire on Tuesday July 19th 2022.

The standard edition of Skies of Fire, featuring both volumes containing the entire story plus an awesome new slipcase with original art!

This one is for the collected edition of Skies of Fire, featuring the complete story arch compiled from the eight individual issues. We're super excited about this campaign as it's the culmination of eight years of hard work bringing this story to life. 

Hope to see you there! 


Okay backers, that's it for this month! At this point we're fairly confident we'll be wrapping up production by August. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or thoughts below. 

Otherwise, have a great midsummer! 

Stay hydrated! 

- Ray 

Production Update
4 months ago – Sat, Jun 11, 2022 at 11:59:04 AM

Hey Everyone! 

First of all our apologies for not updating in May. We were knee deep in production and before we knew it the month had flown by, and then ten more days. Emanoel has been feeling a bit under the weather this week, but nonetheless he's made an incredible amount of progress since our last update. 

That said, here's where we are overall:

Click through for the Notion.

Emanoel has compiled a Notion to keep track of the project, which you can visit at anytime here.  We'll continue updating it as we get closer to the end of production. As of right now, we're about 65% of the way there. 


One of the major milestones we reached was the completion of the CYBERPUNK HUNTERS pamphlet by Catscratcher Studios. CYBERPUNK HUNTERS is an optional expansion to CBR+PNK that adds rules for HUNTERS, nemesis-like antagonists that may have hunted your Runners in the past: 

The mechanics for CYBERPUNK HUNTERS draws on the core mechanics and gives GMs some mechanical heft to boss encounters, with guidance for GMs to create their own Hunters or to use one of a number of pregenerated ones on the pamphlet. 

Here's a look at the front of the pamphlet:

And the backside: 


You may notice the big black blank spot in the front and the white portraits in the backside. Those are going to be filled with  awesome character art drawn by the amazing Joniel Santos

Here's a couple of work in progress sketches of some of the pregenerated Hunters:

From left to right: WIPs of the Stalker, Commando, and ???? Hunters by Joniel.

The final images are going to be done in Joniel's signature inked style and will look absolutely incredible. We're so excited to have him on the team, and in general be able to showcase the amazing talents of LATAM designers and artists in the TTRPG scene. 

Mona Rise Megalopolis 

Speaking of which, we have also 'completed' work on Leonardo Azevedo's MONA RISE MEGALOPOLIS megasetting! 

Mona Rise Megalopolis is a European urban complex controlled by three global companies and you are here for dirty work. An unknown contact has offered you a job you can't refuse and you have  seized the opportunity. Now it's time to get this shit done, one last time.

'Completed' is in quotes because Mona Rise was already a beautifully polished piece as you can see from the images below: 

I'm personally super jazzed to try out Mona Rise. The RPG world needs more Fiction First + OSR hybrids, dangnabbit! 

Check out more of Leonardo Azevedo's work on his! 


Work has also progressed tremendously on the +WEIRD expansion! 

Emanoel has drafted a first edition of the rules that I've gone over with copy edits:

Just the blurb from the first section.


To layout +WEIRD, we've brought on board Raul Rinaldi from Campfire Estúdio. 

Some samples of Raul Rinaldi's past work.

Like Emanoel, Raul is an immaculate Art Director who does a little bit of everything at the intersection of art and advertising. With Campfire Estúdio, he previously released Infaernum, a Mork-Borg inspired pamphlet game that blends a bit of story game into a sleek 1-shot experience. 

Check out Campfire Estúdio's work here.

Looking forward to what sorts of +WEIRD stuff Raul comes up with! 


We are about a month to six weeks behind our internal schedule of locking print ready by the beginning of June. 

This month, we'll be focusing on +WEIRD and FRAMEWORK before circling back to the CORE and PRDTR. 

In terms of print, we're getting a lot of experience manufacturing boxed games with The Wildsea, which Emanoel designed the Firefly Folio wraparound for. 

The Firefly Folio - a GM screen that wraps around the core rulebook of The Wildsea, designed by Emanoel.

All that said, we're chugging along! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post below, or join our Discord

See you on the next score, Runner.

- Ray 

Production, Playtesting, and Timelines
5 months ago – Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 09:49:05 AM

Hey Everyone! 

Ray here with some exciting updates for the month. Let's get straight into it! 

Production: Expansions + Stretch Goals

This month and next we're primarily working on the production of the game, with Emanoel working on finishing his two expansions, PRDTR and +WEIRD. Both already have preliminary work in place but still need to be completed out with the expanded format.The same goes for Cyberpunk Hunters by Catscratcher Studios and Mona Rise by Leonardo. 

A screenshot of the iteration process straight from Emanoel :D

Revised Core Rules 

Emanoel recently finished new versions of the core rules and playsheets! Find them here:

Core Rules (Work in Progress) 

Character Playsheets (Google Sheets)


With the rules near complete, we're now actively looking for playtesters on the Mythopoeia Discord

If you would like to playtest CBR+PNK as either a GM or Player, please join the conversation! We've done some spring cleaning recently in anticipation of hosting you lovely lot, and would love to have you hanging out, discussing the game, and connecting with other players to test this iteration. 

Make sure to assign the CBR+PNK role in #roles to see the relevant servers. Hope to see you there! 


Our target deadline for all aspects of production is the beginning of June. From there, it'll be off to the printers from which we can give an updated ETA on printing and delivery. Sorry for leaving things vague for now but we've learned that it's best to constantly communicate while not over promising. 


That's it for now! Hope to see you all online! Next month we'll have previews (and hopefully pdfs) of the expansions. 

Until then!